Stevo Simple Boy Set To End 10-Month Celibacy Only If Betty Kyallo Becomes His Girlfriend

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy recently went on a date with media personality Betty Kyallo, following his public declaration of interest in her.

In a YouTube interview with Ali, Simple Boy revealed he has been celibate for ten months after his previous relationship ended. He expressed his belief in engaging in intimacy only within committed relationships and his hope that Betty would become his girlfriend and eventually, wife.

When asked how long he has been single, Stevo claimed it’s almost an year now.

“Sahi ni miezi kumi,” Simple Boy responded.

Stevo recently took Betty Kyallo for a date after she agreed when asked out.

The date, reportedly costing around Ksh200,000, included a fancy restaurant and new clothes for the occasion. While Betty hasn’t given a definitive answer, Simple Boy awaits her response.

After the date, Betty made a seperate post on her Instagram claiming that she’s a proud single mum. It’s not clear whether she’s willing to date Simple Boy; who has promised to give her a perrenial love that she’s never experienced.

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