Submission Is Obedience- Amber Ray Should Get It Right

By now, most people would be reluctant to place Amber Ray on a pedestal for her numerous antics. We’re well aware that she wouldn’t be submissive to any man. In fact, she wouldn’t give a damn if she gets dumped; considering she’s never tardy to replace any man who dares to dump her.

For this reason, Amber Ray will keep on struggling to find a partner to settle with. I know you’ll probably think she has found ‘the one’ since Kennedy Rapudo decided to propose to her. To spice things up, he impregnated her and they’re expecting their first child together- outrageous!

Amber Ray’s Controversial Advice

The mother of one recently took to her social media to pen a piece of advice to women; stating that submission isn’t necessarily obedience- which in my opinion, is just not right. If you’re submissive as a wife, you obviously have to obey your husband.

”Submission is not obedience, it’s compliance of thought and has little use for intelligent. Submission is not an action. It is the recognition of a higher frequency that can transform you into the best image of yourself. Submission is not a command, it is a form wisdom only known to the wife of a man with big b*lls. It is a field set up nu man for woman to rest and enjoy life.”

And from what we can discern is that Amber does contrary to her sentiments. Amber isn’t a guru in relationships anyway. If she was able to cosset relationships, her advice would suffice.

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