Taking it too far? Pastor Kanyari addresses concerns over inappropriate TikTok content

Controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari has once again found himself in the spotlight, this time through TikTok, where he’s taken his antics to new heights, amusing many Kenyans.

Kanyari has been pushing the boundaries of what many deem appropriate for a man of God online, with some labeling his behavior as “power chasing.”


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During a recent Sunday service, a female TikToker, Faith M Peters, stunned the congregation by gifting Kanyari condoms, panty liners, and Vaseline. She then declared her love for him, and Kanyari accepted the gifts and unwrapped them on the pulpit, prompting mixed reactions.

In another instance, Kanyari addressed the sensitive topic of sexuality by inviting a German-based gay Kenyan TikToker, Mpenzi Chokuu, to his live TikTok session. Dressed in a buibui, Chokuu participated in a bizarre mix of religious declarations and mock exorcism led by Kanyari, even shaking his bottom vigorously in response to the pastor’s actions. Many of Kanyari’s viewers found these antics disrespectful.

These episodes sparked varied responses on social media. One follower commented, “I saw a video of people giving Pastor Kanyari some funny gifts in his church. This is a joke. Content creation should not go there.”


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When contacted by Nairobi News, Pastor Kanyari explained that his intentions for joining TikTok were not for personal gain but to save more souls.

“Hakuna kitu nasema haisemwi hii dunia. (All I have said has been said before) I am sure even some pastors watch worse content. What I am doing is just agreeing to go down to the level of these filthy content creators to try and understand what they are going through. I am spreading the word of God and winning even more souls,” said Kanyari.

Kanyari noted that his church attendance has increased since he started using TikTok and incorporating his new preaching style, going live during Sunday services.

“Right now, I have over 10,000 people watching me live on TikTok every Sunday. That means more people want to know God. TikTok is for fun and people should stop taking things so seriously. My intention is not to make money because even the money I get, I have donated to needy people.”

When asked if his mother, also a preacher, had seen his videos, Kanyari said she was busy and didn’t have access to TikTok. “She has nothing to say about the way I preach.”

TikTok is increasingly being used by preachers for its broad reach and engagement. Its algorithm allows content to go viral quickly, offering preachers the chance to reach a global audience. The platform’s popularity with younger demographics allows preachers to connect with younger generations who may not engage with traditional religious outreach.

Additionally, creating content on TikTok is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of media such as TV and radio, making it an attractive option for preachers and religious organizations with limited budgets.

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