Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on ‘Jojo’ (Audio)

Tanasha Donna has teamed up with Kenya’s finest producer, Magix Enga, in new hit titled Jojo. This jam is one of her many projects in the year 2020.

The Kenyan queen features in a new jam after her last release with her estranged lover, Diamond Platinumz.

Jojo is more of a love song as they all seem to be communicating to some girl that is diving some dude crazy. First, it is worth noting that the whole jam has been delivered in English.

I must admit that this is a win for Magix Enga for he has for once ditched his usual gengetone tunes.  Jojo comes at a time that Tanasha needs to prove to the world that her music is still something without Diamond.

Jojo is one jam that has proved that Magix Enga is a very flexible artiste who easily transforms into any genre.

Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Magix Enga is a brand an the most flexible artiste

To start with, the lyrics to this song are well done. Him enjoining Tanasha did him good in the English aspect.

In addition to the good audio production, it is only right we dig deeper into the lyrics and get the full meaning of the song.

You’ll hear a stanza where Magix Enga asks Jojo not to leave his heart. In this line one clearly understands the woman in question here goes by the name Jojo.

Also, you get to realise that the title of the song has been repeated a lot in the chorus. This aspect helps the audience identify with the song and the message.


Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Into the production, the audio is well done and one can easily hear what the two artistes are saying. When it comes to mixing, it is with no doubt that Magix Enga is king.

On the other hand, each one of them delivers their lines so well. Jojo should just be played every day for it is one of the best works of Magix Enga and Tanasha Donna.

In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Audio below.

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