Tanzanian singer Aslay is back with ‘Don’t Cry’ alongside Sat B and it’s a big tune (Video)

Tanzanian musician Aslay Isihaka Nassoro, better known as Dogo Aslay, has dropped a new song with Burundi’s Sat B and it’s totally worth your time.

The song titled Don’t Cry talks about the pain that someone goes through when they are in love with a person i.e. you can’t tell whether the other person has feelings for you or they don’t.

Sometimes, it feels like you are causing the person – who you have feelings for – pain instead of bringing joy into their lives, hence the title Don’t Cry.

I really love this song never mind the fact that I could not understand most of it since it was sang in Kirundi but then again, isn’t that the beauty of music? When a song is good even a language barrier can’t stop you from enjoying it.

Sat B
Sat B

Although this was my first time I listening to a song by Sat B, I was completely impressed. Actually, I went to look for other songs by him after listening to this jam. No lie.

I also love how the Ubutumire hitmaker infuses Kirundi and Swahili so that people who don’t understand the former can grasp the message that he is trying to put across.

Aslay’s delivery was also on point, as expected. From his Naenda Kusema days, this young lad has always impressed and by the look of things, there is no stopping for him.

Both the producer and videographer also nailed it. As I was listening to this song, one person kept crossing my mind and this wouldn’t have happened if the audio or video was whack. Props to them.

Watch Don’t Cry below and tell us what you think.

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