Teen socialite Shakilla faces Kenyans’ wrath after siding with KRG the Don and insulting Sailors as streets rats 

The ongoing beef between Kenyan hitmakers Sailors Gang and KRG the Don might not be going anywhere anytime soon especially after 19-year old wannabe socialite, Shakilla decided to trash Sailors Gang.

It started with what KRG termed a diss by the young gengetone group, before he hit back with his mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi? comment. The push and pull dragged on as recent as this morning but what has fueled it further is Shakilla’s nasty insults on the same.

Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

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The babe took to her Instagram page to clarify that she had taken the back seat on this too long now and it was time she personally sent a warning to Sailors to keep off KRG because they won’t like the outcome. Blasting;

Shakilla dives into the KRG Don and Sailors beef

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Soon after defending KRG the Don while trashing Sailors Gang as ‘thugs’ and ‘street rats’, hardly did the babe see the storm that was coming up against her as fans unapologetically clapped back at her young age and her ill-mannerisms.

Teen socialite Shakilla

This is not the first time the babe has caused a storm online, just the other day insulting and threatening Otile Brown labeling him ‘a light skin diva nigga’. Having there before been accused of warming Willy Paul’s bed.

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Her post sparked online uproar among netizens, questioning her audacity to start a fight that was not hers in the first place. Take a look:

tea_l3aves Sasa huyu malaya nani ameuliziaa opinion yake????????????????hadi amefanya beef ianze kuboo


sir.panic Ye mwenyewe anakaa Smady tings????????????


mm_drip Si aongee vizuri bass. Mara ‘I’ll opp’ mara sijui ‘imma out’. Brah I garra go????‍♂️


toto_skylar Kwani krg Ni wake ????????????hyu Dame Lkni izo shule zifunguliwe tumechka naye Walai ????


ilyaadu.c “Imma out”?????????????????? shakilla mbona ulihata lessons za blossoms hivi? ????????????????????


3men_army Msijifanye mmesahau ako na bunduki kwa paja ???????????? ambieni sailors nikubaya ????????


kenyan.heart_ ????????sah weh shakila Hadi huku kwa wasanii unasaka clout ????????????????wacha shule zifunguliwe na hujamaliza holiday assignment ????????????????


sheerowkasupuu Mata*o ww???? lipa Deni ya watu ya tattoo????


pogbarian Pu**y vendor finally ameamka????????????????sasa anataka pia yeye kupewa dis????????????????meffi


bandanafather ????????????unakuanga umemdedi nn????????

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