Terence Creative Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative recently shared a glimpse into his personal struggles with depression and anxiety.

This came after a video message from Reverend Lucy Natasha, who expressed her appreciation for Terence’s work and how it uplifts her spirits.

Terence, touched by her support, took the opportunity to reveal the challenges he’s been facing. The pressures of his career, coupled with personal struggles, have contributed to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Terence emphasizes that mental health issues can affect anyone. In his message, he acknowledged the emotional toll of “depression, pressure, and anxiety” along with the “fear of the unknown” and “over-expectation.”

However, Terence’s message isn’t one of despair. He expresses his faith and belief in finding strength to overcome these challenges. He encourages others struggling with similar issues to hold onto hope and keep pushing forward.

“Better days are coming,” he assured his followers, promoting perseverance and positivity.

Terence is among the most sought after comedians who have grace the Kenyan comic industry over the past years. His unique talent in mimmicking characters has also been conspicuous, leading to his show ‘wash wash’ being among the most watched comedy shows.

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