The 3 reasons why Size 8 should divorce DJ Mo and we will support her

Size 8 and DJ Mo have some serious marital issues that have cropped up. You see, previously, they were simply doing a small publicity stunt to create some buzz around their show. According to the plotline of their show Dining with the Murayas, the two were having petty, bullshit squabbles and they hadn’t realized that they were opening themselves up to real problems.

Meet the lady DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with since 2016 (Photos)

Size 8 just realized that she should have stuck to keeping her marriage private and not chased after the allure of fame and more money. You see, Edgar Obare dropped a gem on us in the form of screenshots from some lady who claimed and backed up her claims to have had an affair to DJ Mo.

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

And while infidelity is a legitimate cause of divorce, more often than not, infidelity doesn’t result in a divorce. Women are more forgiving of cheating than men and while idiots will tell you it is because of the patriarchy, it is actually down to our biology. Men are geared to spreading their seed far and wide, women are geared towards choosing thing best man’s seed to procreate with. DJ Mo, however, went about it like the class clown.

Exposed! DJ Mo cheating on wife Size 8

And while your pastor, mother and feminazi have all suggested different seemingly logical reasons as to why she should leave her husband, I have the definitive and conclusive reasons why DJ Mo should be dumped by Size 8 and they are:

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

The first reason is that he chose an unattractive woman to sleep with.
Women are willing to forgive a transgression on their husbands’ part if the affair partner is unarguably attractive. Women see a hot woman and while envy will rear it’s ugly head, even their friends will; tell them that it was clearly just about sexual conquest.
However, when the affair partner is less attractive than her as is the case between Size 8 and DJ Mo’s paramour, then all bets are off. A woman will teach you why the Bible states that hell hath no fury quite like a woman scorned.

Size 8 would be right to dump this clown because he shows poor judgment.

Drama after Size 8 and DJ Mo embroiled in a fight at city hotel (Video)

Size 8 and DJ Mo
DJ Mo video calling Side chick

The second reason is the fact that he humiliated her.
My mentor once told me that women will be more forgiving if their shame is private. That is why most smart men keep their lovers hidden. Trust me, she knows you’re straying but she appreciates the fact that you bend over backwards to hide her shame. Instead of that, DJ Mo risked their marriage with a lady who is only attractive at midnight and when your drunk, and squinting really hard, and have had coitus for 7 years after being held hostage by al Shabaab.
All he needed to do was to keep his affairs silent. Not taunt the universe by having a storyline on his show about those very same affairs. Instead, he chose to thumb the universe’s nose and here we are. All he had to do was buy a goddanm kabambe phone, use a new line registered to a company or some random i.d card picked up from Odeon and he would have been Scott free. He should not have done video chats with her because common sense should have told him there is a possibility she would screenshot it. Or, you know, just use Telegram. Instead, he has publicly humiliated his wife.

Size 8 should dump this clown because he shows low IQ. (Too late seeing as he has passed on his genes).

Why Size 8 and DJ Mo need to quit their reality show

DJ Mo who allegedly cheated on Size 8

The third reason is that he spent over one hundred thousand shillings on the unattractive affair partner.
Come on bro! Why would you, an entire celebrity, feel pressed to spend such mind-boggling sums of money on an affair partner who is so unattractive? At most, you should have paid for a drink or two, spent more money on paying off the guards to allow you to hook up in the parking lot and then you move on. Hell, she should have bought you the drinks. Her looks do not allow her to mooch off men and especially not off men of your calibre.
Size 8 should be livid because I am sure she usually gets asked to split the bill yet here DJ Mo is spending such a princely sum on an unattractive affair partner. But there is a silver lining, this should be a wake up call for her to actually go to the gym and lose her weight and get her sexy on.

Size 8 should dump this clown because he clearly has no financial acumen.


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