The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

Image: Size 8 graduates from Bible school

Andrew Kibe has shared what some feminists will doubtless call a hardline or even a fundamentalist stance on Size 8 being ordained as a minister in the church. He is not amused about te fact that she has been made a shepherd tasked with guiding souls to God and salvation and I have to say that regardless of what you feel, he is clearly on the right with regards to what the Bible itself says.

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I get it, this is a sensitive issue because a lot of Christians do not really follow the teachings of the Bible and would rather seem hip and cool by bucking what it asks us to do.

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I mean, sure, when you think of the PC (politically correct) narrative that has been popularized over the past three decades, then this is in keeping with the times but one thing I will say about Muslims that has stolen my heart and my mind is the fact that they do not debate the Quran. It is as it is and the rest is left for you to go and debate with your demon feminist friends and Iblis. They are very clear that the Quran is inspired by Allah who is the only for Al Mu’min therefore it does not need editing nor convenient interpretations.

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And this is something Andrew Kibe might have honed in on -whether knowingly or unknowingly- and this is actually the same thing with the Bible. He has actually called out Size 8 because he knows she like all other female pastors will push the idea of prosperity gospel aside from pushing seriously flawed dogma. And the Bible itself backs up what he is asserting -I know, that sounds repetitive so let me simply push into specific Bible verses that state their support for Andrew Kibe’s stance:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1 Timothy 2:11-15

Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

I will let you look up what those verses say and then when you have read and comprehended the information found therein, go argue with your aunties. Because they are clear. And not only that, but they give a basis for Andrew Kibe to stand on.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not a troglodyte nor even a staunch Christian, but I am someone who believes in having honest discourse and the truth of the matter is that the Bible is pretty clear on the question of having female leadership in the church.

Andrew Kibe touched on one aspect of the flawed gospel: prosperity gospel and that is a gospel pushed to a female congregation and usually done by female pastors who teach rubbish such as “manifestation”. This is something I have seen hold sway over my mother and sisters. It is a reason why men usually do not form a huge chunk of the congregation.

Size 8 reborn to be ordained as a pastor

We have not seen Size 8 establish herself as the type of person to tackle tough topics that should be tackled within society. Jesus whipped money lenders in the synagogue, he rebuked hypocrites, all we have seen Size 8 spew is “manifestation gospel”. Then again, a society gets the leadership they deserve, same goes for within the clergy. With that realised, perhaps Kibe and I are wrong for basing our argument on the Bible.

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