The feud between Willy Paul and Diamond Platnumz: The lengthy post that ignited the conflict

Kenyan singer Willy Paul recently released his much-anticipated album, ‘Beyond Gifted,’ featuring a diverse range of artists from across the continent.

Collaborators include Tanzanian artists Nandy and Marioo, Jamaican artists Alaine and Denique, French artist Maud Elka, Liberian artist JZyNo, and Nigeria’s Iyanya.


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When asked about the absence of Kenyan artists on the album, Willy Paul explained that his goal was to establish a global presence. He pointed out the lack of unity among Kenyan artists, suggesting that a shift in mindset is necessary for the industry’s growth.

He expressed a strong desire to elevate Kenya’s presence on the international music scene. Notably, Willy Paul has collaborated with several prominent Tanzanian artists, but not with Diamond Platnumz.


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In a recent interview on Radio Citizen, Willy Paul recounted his attempt to work with Diamond Platnumz. He flew to Tanzania, visited Wasafi studio, and had a meeting with Diamond and his managers. They agreed to work on two songs, from which Diamond would select one. However, the collaboration never materialized.

“We flew to Tanzania, went to the Wasafi studio, and had a meeting with Diamond and his managers. We agreed we would come up with two songs, then he would choose one. It never went through until now. I don’t know what happened because during the meeting, he was okay and cool,” Willy Paul said.


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Willy Paul also noted that before Harmonize and Rayvanny left Wasafi, he had collaborated with them, but Diamond never promoted these collaborations. However, Diamond would often promote collaborations between other Kenyan artists and Wasafi artists.

“For me, he was an idol. I grew up looking up to him. I used to perform with his beats at Gospel events. I don’t know what happened,” he added.

Willy Paul also shared an incident where he was supposed to be interviewed by Wasafi while Diamond was present. Despite agreeing to the interview, it never took place.

Weezdom, a close friend, revealed that Willy Paul received a long message from Diamond, which he didn’t want anyone else to see.


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“I have never seen Diamond send such a long message, and Willy Paul did not want anyone to see it. Now that he has brought it up, maybe he can explain if it was an argument or something else. Diamond told him we are brothers, and in this life, we will need each other,” Weezdom said.

Willy Paul shared that Diamond’s message seemed to express disappointment, though he wasn’t sure if it was directed at him or Wasafi.

“The message Diamond sent me, I didn’t understand… It was like he was disappointed or something: I don’t know if it was towards me or Wasafi… Someone must have stirred things up. At that time, I was still a young Gospel artist,” Willy Paul explained.

Willy Paul concluded by emphasizing the need for unity in East Africa and across Africa. He stressed the importance of looking beyond personal differences and working together for the greater good.

“What I can say is, let’s sit down and lift East Africa. Africa will stand. There are things we need to look at beyond personal issues,” he stated.

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