The Gengetone wave has faded, what next?

Image: Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang

After ruling the airwaves for two years or so, it seems the hype about Gengetone music has finally faded. If you asked me to name one Gengetone hit which was released this year, I would have a hard time.

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This leaves me wondering what next for Gengetone artists. The likes of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Sailors, Ethic Entertainment, Rico Gang, 34 GVNG and others who rode on the wave to popularize their brands.

Ochunglo Family keeps setting the pace for Gengetone artists
Ochunglo Family

You know, the truth is that these artists knew that a day would come when Kenyans would get fed up of these songs that just glorify sex because let’s be honest, even porn gets boring if you watch too much of it.

Time and time again, Gengetone artists were told to gravitate towards clean content because they had already gotten fans but I guess none of them wanted to heard that so they kept making lewd music.

COVID-19 also made matters worse because the clubs – which played a big role in popularizing Gengetone music – were shut down by the government to curb the spread of the virus.

So, here we are. Many Gengetone artists have been left wondering what to do next. They are wondering whether it is too late to act.

The truth is that it might be. Kenyans forget about things fast and it won’t take long before they find another sound that can vibe to.


To make matters worse artists who had been in the music scene before the Gengetone wave also decided to up their game and reclaim their fans. The likes of; Femi One, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy just to name a few.

It’s very hard to find a unique sound that pill appeal to any Kenyans. As such, Gengetone artists need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what they did wrong and what they could have done better.

In my opinion, Gengetone might never rule the airwaves again because like I said, Kenyans move on very fast. The sooner Gengetone artists come up with something to revive their careers, the better for them. Enough said!

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