The Kabus Should Keep Off Samidoh And & Nderitu’s Business

Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu has had enough of the fella as he opened up to social media to open up about the struggles she has been going through in her marriage.

Through a lengthy post, she stated that the last three years have been full of pain as she has been outrightly humiliated by the Mugithi star.
Edday said she has been faithful through the tumultuous season but she is almost at breaking point and has nothing else to tell God.

“It has been exactly 15 years of marriage full of ups and down, it was humble beginning where little was enough for us, for the last 3 years it has been nothing but pain.

“I have remained faithful to you regardless of disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media…you’ve made me look dumb and took my silence for granted,” she wrote.

Edday further stated that she will not raise her kids in a polygamous set-up, seemingly accusing Karen Nyamu (who has sired kids with Samidoh) of breaking her home.

“I have helped you nurture your talent and supported you through it all, but one thing I have said to you and I am saying here again I will not raise my kids in a polygamy family [sic], especially with a woman who is older than me by more than 10yrs, has no morals and zero respect to my family’kiura Kia ngaba’ as you put it.”

The Kabus Intervene

Both Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu have claimed that they have been in their business trying to convince them to get back together. But as they say, ‘mambo ya watu wawili usiingilie’. And this is exactly what they should not be doing.

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