The King is mad and so should every other Kenyan – King Kaka´s wifey, Nana Owiti speaks

Image: Nana Owiti backs up hubby, King Kaka in controversial Wajinga Nyinyi anthem

It goes without saying that behind every successful man is a woman. King Kaka has now become the punching bag among the political elites but wifey, Nana Owiti is here to hold his hand.

Through a series of Insatgram posts, the mother of two expressed:

The King is mad and so should every other Kenyan. I mean aren’t we? We STAN a KING ????
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of Wanjiku #WajingaNyinyi

For those who did not hear her first call, she strongly reiterated:
Are we mad enough? Is it amnesia or selective memory? Why do we pretend to forget what we feel does not concern us? Can I remind you about the Aflatoxin saga? Did you guys really watch how the story unfolded? Can I remind you about Jacob Juma and what he stood for? SGR? Not yet mad? You are? Good! Let’s do something come 2022. All King is doing is decolonize your mind.



Fans and followers quickly lauded the beauty for standing with King Haka and the truth, airing:

This is dope ????????????????and I salute King for it. Yes waambiwe


Tell him to keep the YouTube video on…no dropping????????????


This real ????????


Am glad I heard this and put it on repeat!!It takes a real man to kick the hornets nest that hard!!!!????????




You guys are the best .. Wife backing up this movement… Wakumbushee story ya Sharon pia… Na vile walifanyia matiba


Thanks for keeping the great man safe, ????????❤️

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