“The more successful a woman is the more sexier she becomes” Akothee pens hard hitting message to single moms  

Akothee has jotted down a lengthy message to single mothers. The controversial singer want single mothers to learn from her experience.

She took to social media and shared a photo of a house which she says was her ideal home back then when she was still struggling to make ends meet.

“I saw this house on social media , downloaded because years back I died to have something like this , I wanted a roof over my head badly , no one could accommodate me with my three baggage,if I heard a man comment, “I can’t date a woman with a child!” wao , My heartbeat stopped !!!, yet I had 1,2,3, ??? I never thought I would have mansions around the world, I can’t say it’s by my might, but God had a purpose for every dropped tear from a single mother, please never settle down for a man who can’t provide for your family, a single mother has no time to cuddle in bed with a looser who is after comfort & sex , some men are a distraction in a single mothers life, some are a blessing , get your facts right know that the children belong only to you , any one can call you all types of names , sweetie , honey , but the children still belong to you , very few men will be a father to your children . You always feel that vacuum left by their father’s, young girls should learn that even a sponsors house can’t be yours,” wrote Akothee.

Men can sleep with anything in a skirt

Akothee further cautions single mother against sleeping with just any man. She encourages them to take note of their achievements throughout the year.

“Stop day dreaming, take as many fotos as you can , floss floss my dear , floss for us ooh , but sit down out of social media and ask yourself , WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED THIS YEAR . the more successful a woman is , the more sexier she becomes . Sex has no age nor looks , men can sleep with anything in a skirt & don’t remember the colour of your panty ?? don’t just give out your sex like that men can use sex to thwart a woman’s ego , be wise, if you don’t want.”


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