The only 2 ways socialites like Amberay and Huddah can afford their lifestyle

Amberay and Huddah are two examples of socialites who have grown to accept their circumstances and have become the envy of many a Kenyan woman who views being a socialite as the epitome of celebrity.

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And you get this sense from a quick peek at their social media where the comments are from both thirsty men and little girls who have convinced themselves that being a socialite is the life they want to lead.

Amber Ray

But what many women do not know or are unwilling to accept, these socialites are the reception rather than the norm as most Kenyan female celebrities and socialites are heaped in debt and the only thing of value they have are their iPhones. By the way, why are all socialites usually equipped with top of the line iPhones? That is a mystery for another day.

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Anyway, how can Amberay and Huddah possibly afford to live their very opulent lifestyles? We shall start with a quick gander at Huddah’s case. It really isn’t too hard to come to a conclusion on how she manages to lead her lifestyle. She has a cosmetics brand that pushes lipstick which from what I gather moves rather fast.

Amber Ray

Aside from the Huddah lippie stuff, she has always been dogged by certain unsavoury rumours about Dubai but I am only going to focus on what is verifiable and that is the fact that her company moves product like Drake breaks music records and she is currently in Dubai too. So perhaps this is a case of her diversifying her revenue streams.

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The case of Amberay, however, is a rather interesting one. It is one in which she successfully mated with a high net worth individual and even though he was rumoured to have been married, she didn’t let that fact stop her from going after what or who she wanted and she got him. As a result, she was married to Zaheer Jhanda and the man takes care of not only her son but her aswell.

Huddah Monroe

And really that is how socialites can afford their lifestyles; by either starting a side business even if that means flying out to Dubai which is a problem because like Corazon Kwamboka found out people especially your parents do not want to find out their bundle of joy was raised to become a Dubai gallivanting trollop so perhaps your next safe bet would be for you to seek out a high net worth men. Problem is, they are usually old and look like an armpit with a nose and eyes.

To keep it entirely honest, no woman with a nine-to-five job is out here running on these social media streets and attempting to flex on the gram and the watuz simply because when you have to earn that dime you really aren’t about to blow it especially when you know how painful it is to pay those bills. AND for any businesswoman, the taxman and he is always watching to see whom he can catch out in a fiscal lie.


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