The reason so many female celebs dislike Amber Ray

Amber Ray seems to be a lightning rod for all the negativity and beef that female celebrities seem capable of engaging in and tolerating.

Amber Ray Advices Jimal To Fix His Family

She apparently has beef with Vera Sidika and even has beef with Amira (Jimal Roho Safi’s estranged wife. But while we can understand why she would be at odds with her former co-wife, we cannot understand why there would be any friction between her and Vera.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

However, the truth is, Vera and Amber Ray would have beef with each other for the simple reason that both lack talent and are literally known for the only thing they have to offer; sexual appeal.

“I think she is fake and akona roho Mbaya” Amber Ray gives opinion on Vera Sidika

Think about it, Vera Shikwekwe Sidika isn’t particularly talented. She’s no great actor nor is her music career worth writing home about.

Vera Sidika

And given how forgettable the two of them are, they are bound to either be fast friends or mortal enemies. Think about it, two people in a market selling mangoes to the same crowd will eventually get nasty with each other because they see the other as a limitation to their growth. Add to this the fact that they both share a collective history with Brown Mauzo.

Amber Ray Addresses Beef With Amira After Moving On (Screenshot)

But this is also the reason why a lot of female celebs do not like Amber Ray. What I mean is not the bit about Brown Mauzo but rather the fact that she is overt with the selling of her sensuality. Kenyan celebrities often lean way too heavily on their sexual appeal. That is why most singers for example, who lose their youth and attractiveness end up either getting saved and going gospel or disappearing into oblivion.

So what is a lady to do? Well, unfortunately, there is little else that Amber ray can do. At this point, all her eggs are in one basket. She is known for nothing other than her body and the fact that men find her sexy.

Ken Rapudo is trying to make a wife of Amber Ray

And in due time, when she is no longer the most popular socialite, she too will start beefing with the younger, hotter trollops that become the flavour of the month.

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