The sexless agenda: Tharaka Elders Hold Rituals to Appease Kibuka and Call for Rain

On September 21, 2023, Tharaka elders held rituals in Nairobi to appease Kibuka, their spiritual leader, and to call for rain. The rituals were organized by the Society for Alternative Learning.

In a video seen by Nairobi News, one of the elders explained the purpose of the rituals and what the elders did to prepare for them.

He said that the elders abstained from food and sex before the rituals, and that they were praying for peace in the world and for good rains in Tharaka Nithi County.

The elder also said that the Tharaka community has benefited from appeasing Kibuka in the past, including having good harvests and having their sons succeed in various fields.

He said that the Tharaka people are proud of their culture and that they are happy to share it with the world.

Kenya is currently gearing up for the el-Nino rains, which are expected to fall during the October to December season. The Kenya Metrological Department has said that the El Nino effects will be more pronounced during this season and that the rainfall will be determined by the strength of the El Nino.

The Tharaka elders are hoping that their rituals will help to bring good rains to the county and to the rest of Kenya.

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