The Speculation Against DJ Fatxo Has Gone Too Far

I need to call out the bloggers who are really running with half-baked stories about the death of Jeff Mwathi. There are people, led by one Simon Mwangi Muthiora, who are doing a reactionary smear campaign to accuse DJ Fatxo of doing the unthinkable to Jef Mwathi who was close to him. This speculation involves sharing gruesome photos of the supposed body of Jeff, blurry footage of alleged CCTV cameras in the building, and blatant rumor mongering about hearsay from “sources close to the family.”


These are incredibly serious accusations on DJ Fatxo. All being done by armchair investigators obviously just sitting in their houses and posting any random message they receive as facts. If these so-called reporters had any video footage that actually proved guilt, they would have handed it to the authorities with details and timestamps, to slam the case shut. But they have no concrete evidence at all. It’s all just a smear campaign to let off steam in what must be a very emotional period for those who are close to the case. But death is not something to let of steam on others with. DJ Fatxo should prepare a defamation and libel lawsuit against these bloggers when the dust settles. That is, if he will still have the strength to pursue this matter any further.


As for me, I will be steering clear of speculating on this case. I am a strong believer in letting justice take it’s course and respecting the decision of the courts at the end of the day. And if you lack faith in the justice system, fight to reform it, rather than resorting to extrajudicial, vigilante justice.

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