The top five most watched YouTubers in Kenya (June 2024)

These rankings are according to the YouTube monitoring website named SocialBlade.  It tracks the views of all YouTube channels around the world and from my personal experience running a YouTube channel, the SocialBlade numbers are quite accurate. This ranking we are measuring the total number of views a Kenyan channel got in the last 30 days.  We are also excluding channels from big media companies, compilation channels and also channels with one viral video only.  To estimate how much the people are making you can assume 100,000 shillings earned for every 1 million views. Here are the rankings


  1. Jim Nduruchi – 6.1 million views

EXPOSÉ: Controversial Bishop Jim Nduruchi accused of sodomizing churchmen in Trans Nzoia - K24 TV : K24 TV

  1. Presenter Ali – 6.2 million views

Welcome to #EABase with Presenter Ali... - Switch Media Kenya | Facebook

  1. Backbench Animations – 13 million views

Backbench Animations - YouTube

  1. The Ruih Family – 18 million views


  1. Obinna TV – 20 million views (this is adding up all views across all Obinna’s channels)

Obinna TV - YouTube

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