The untold sacrifices Terence Creative had to make for a successful marriage (Video)

YouTube couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby is a pair that has seen it all, been through thick and thin together, but their love glue never let them apart.

Their names have been dragged in mud, been cyberbullied, all sorts of rumors about their love life and marriage have been told but never have they walked out on each other.

The two recently confessed it affected them to the point, they could only see the good in each other – the good, not the bad, the plus not the minus and through it, they have emerged victorious.

Milly Chebby with husband, Terence Creative

Turns out, there is so much about them they hardly let out.

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Up on Milly Chebbys vlog, she admitted that Terence has been that man who despite being an orphan, has never been choosy about home duties; from changing diapers to cooking…

Terence is one very helpful partner. Habagui! I would give him my handbag and he doesnt mind, he carries it anywhere. He never had a father but he really tries, he washed Milla from day one because I was a very paranoid mom so Terence would willingly clean our baby for at least 6 consecutive months.

The Terence Creative family

For Terence, being around his daughter is therapeutic and he would do it over and over again.

Nowadays, I wash her and change her pampers once in a while and I love doing that for her. From changing pampers, to applying Vaseline, to massaging her etc. Its a very amazing feeling.


Talking of body shaming trolls, first the comedian labelled his wife a beautiful hippo who not only loves herself as she is but knows how to dress her body.

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Terence Creative with wife, Milly Chebby

But warned that he would raise tantrums if she ever got slimmer.

Your sense of style is good! When we need to slim, we will take those pills. But if you grow slimmer, Ill get mad.

With his wife sweetly gushing:

I love that you are not ashamed of me. Especially after I gave birth, I gained a lot of weight.

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