The younger cousin of Brian Chira finds a sponsor to pay for his schooling.

Despite the somber atmosphere surrounding Brian Chira’s family, there’s been a glimmer of hope as his cousin has received uplifting news – he’s secured a sponsor to support his education.

MC Chris, a TikTok user who has been sharing updates on Chira’s situation, revealed this heartwarming development during a live session on TikTok.

“Great news, you’ve found a sponsor. Someone in the US will take care of your education expenses,” he announced, embracing the young boy warmly.

Chira’s cousin couldn’t hide his joy, smiling shyly as he held onto his jacket.

“Keep working hard until you make it to the US,” MC Chris encouraged the boy, who couldn’t contain his happiness after hearing the news.

Following Chira’s passing, his cousin was left in a difficult situation as Chira was reportedly responsible for paying his school fees.

There’s been controversy surrounding Chira’s family and the arrangements for his burial.

Reportedly, Chira’s grandfather has distanced himself from the funeral preparations, leaving his grandmother to handle everything.

During a live session hosted by Baba Talisha, MC Chris, one of the individuals involved in organizing Chira’s burial, revealed that Chira had sought forgiveness from his grandfather before his passing, but was rejected.

“Chira bears his grandfather’s name. His uncles and elders from the village were sent to speak with him. Two weeks ago, he went to seek forgiveness from his grandfather, but was denied,” MC Chris shared.

According to MC Chris, Chira’s grandmother attempted to intercede on his behalf, but without success.

“Chira was supposed to be laid to rest where his mother rests, but his grandfather has distanced himself from the arrangements. They’ve expressed they want no involvement in Chira’s burial,” MC Chris explained.

Brian Chira’s funeral is scheduled for March 26 in Githunguri, Kiambu County, where his grandmother once resided, as per an update provided by Baba Talisha regarding the burial arrangements.

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