TikToker says that married women are secretly jealous of Vera’s divorce party

Content creator Lydia Wanjiru thinks that only women struggling with their marriages and relationships are hating on Vera  for throwing a divorce party. In case you didn’t know, Vera  recently trended for throwing a divorce party celebrating her third year after having separated from Brown Mauzo, the father of her two children

This created a bit of controversy,  with some people claiming that Vera  just used Brown Mauzo to get kids that were light skinned. Where are also the more conservative people who believe in the sanctity of marriage and that people shouldn’t be celebrating divorce.  The TikToker Lydia Wanjiru however, is of a completely different opinion. She came out to say that married women are bitter and angry that Vera choose her life and chose to walk out 


“If you were so happy in your relationship and Marriage, Why wouldn’t you want someone else to leave the relationship in which they are not happy And go find a relationship or whatever else that makes them happy.”

She doubled down


“These are the same women that tell others to go and get one child. Even if you don’t want to get married get one child. You tell them you don’t want children,  they are mad. You try the marriage  thing, it doesn’t work, they are mad. Someone will come out here one day and say they have been experiencing physical violence, Mental violence,  emotional  violence and you’ll ask why they didn’t leave early after they die. You’ll be there saying si angetoka tu? Si angeenda? Kwani lazima angekaa?


Here is the full video for context:


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