Tragedy As Loyal Farmhand Killed By Senator Khalwale’s Champion Bull

A somber mood engulfed Malinya, Kakamega County, on Monday following the death of Kizito Moi Amukune, a longtime employee of Senator Boni Khalwale. Kizito, known for his 24 years of dedicated service to the Senator and his five years caring for the prized champion bull Inasio, met a tragic end in an incident involving the powerful animal.

According to Senator Khalwale, Kizito returned home under the influence of a traditional brew, attracting Inasio’s attention with its strong scent. In the ensuing chaos, Kizito may have startled the bull, triggering its defensive instincts. The Senator believes a misplaced strike at the charging animal led Inasio to retaliate with its horns, inflicting a fatal neck wound on Kizito.

Grief was palpable in Khalwale’s voice as he shared the news, both in interviews and a video on social media. The video, depicting him bidding farewell to the sacrificed Inasio, resonated with the cultural practices inherent in the community. In keeping with tradition, Khalwale speared the bull as a way of acknowledging its role in the tragic event.

The incident has cast a shadow over the Senator’s passion for bullfighting, a cultural sport that earned him the nickname “Bullfighter.” While details remain under investigation, the loss of a loyal employee and the cultural sacrifice that followed stand as stark reminders of the power and dangers associated with these traditions.

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