Trisha Khalid discusses her relationship with Keranta following rumors of an affair with Flaqo

Popular TikToker and content creator Trisha Khalid has addressed her relationship with fellow creator Keranta amidst rumors of an affair with Keranta’s boyfriend, Flaqo.

Trisha, known for her role as Ruby on Maisha Magic’s telenovela ‘Kovu,’ ignited these rumors when she and Flaqo began collaborating on content.


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Their frequent collaborations and seamless chemistry led fans to speculate about a deeper connection between them. As Keranta started appearing less frequently in Flaqo’s content, suspicions of a rift emerged.

Despite Trisha’s efforts to dispel the rumors by insisting that their relationship is purely professional, the speculations have persisted.

“There is nothing going on between me and Flaqo. He is a good friend and a fellow content creator. We decided to team up for content, and I see nothing wrong with that. People need to stop the speculations,” Trisha reiterated.


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With Flaqo and Keranta remaining silent on the matter, some have begun to question Trisha’s relationship with Keranta.

Trisha clarified, “Surprisingly, I have never met Keranta. We follow each other on Instagram, and I like her content. Sometimes I like her posts, but we don’t and have never talked.”

She also explained that Keranta has never been present during her collaborations with Flaqo. “We come up with a script, meet on location, and once we’re done shooting, I go back home,” Trisha added.

Trisha has since relocated to Nairobi from Mombasa to focus on her career as a creative.

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