Trisha Khalid reacts to allegations suggesting she worked as a ‘night nurse’

Actress and digital content creator Trisha Khalid has raised concerns about the tendency of women to criticize each other. Upon reviewing comments from her followers, she noticed that many negative remarks and instances of body shaming were coming from female fans, some of whom were supposedly loyal supporters.


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What troubled her even more was discovering that these negative comments were coming from individuals who claimed to be her fans. She found this behavior abnormal and wished the person who made the negative comment healing, suggesting they might have deeper issues.

One comment in particular accused her of lying and labeled her as a former ‘night nurse’ at Hypnotica, insinuating she wasn’t religious. Trisha swiftly dismissed the statement, pointing out that the commenter didn’t know her well enough to judge her religious beliefs. She clarified that she does not attend church and hoped the commenter finds healing.


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Trisha gained fame after her TikTok skit titled ‘Tafuta mtu akushike’ went viral, attracting the attention of various producers. Her role as Ruby in the TV series Kovu further boosted her popularity, and she continues to impress audiences with her performance on the show Becky, airing on Citizen TV. Additionally, she has collaborated with fellow comedian Flaqo on several humorous skits.

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