‘Tunapenda Machali Wananuka Jasho’-Jacky Vike & Wilbroda Explain Their Weird Taste In Men

The actresses Jacky Vike, also known as Awinja, and Jacquey Nyaminde, also known as Wilbroda, have discussed their attraction to males who have a certain body odor.

During an interview with SPM Buzz on YouTube, the two actresses emphasized that they are still unmarried.

“Nataka kusema mimi na rafiki yangu hapa hatuko kwa ndoa, ok? Hatuko kwa ndoa tuko single,” Wilbroda said.

Known for their palpable chemistry, the two have shown immense talent on our screens, but it seems like love isn’t their potion as they remain single. However, they believe that men who work hard must sweat.

“So wacha nkuambie, mi na Nyaminde tunakuanga na shida moja. Tunapendanga machali wananuka ile jasho ya hard work,” Awinja confessed.

“Kunakuanga na kajasho fulani yani it is your natural scent, sio jasho ya uchafu.”

Wilbroda went ahead to agree with Awinja on the latter;

“Mi kwanza kuna kaharufu kengine nishakuambia ya wasee wa boda. Kuna ile inanukanga vibaya lakini kuna hio hio unasema ya hardwork like alioga lakini he has been working hard the whole day.

“So yani ukiwa kwa msee wa boda alafu alafu umemshika unaskia kumuuliza ‘unaenda side gani si ukinidrop home si ata uingie at least ata ukunywe glass ya maji, you know,” Wilbroda said.

Wilbroda and Awinja are both single mothers who have only one child between them.

Awinja has been romantically linked to comedian Cyprian Osoro, but not much is known about their love life.

Awinja and Osoro deceived people into believing they were married in a traditional ceremony last year, but it was later discovered that their wedding was staged in order to promote their impending YouTube program, which was going to be posted on her social media accounts.

Wilbroda was married, but she filed for divorce when her union reached a breaking point.

Wilbroda felt bad about inviting her family over and over again, as it led to the breakdown of her marriage.


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