Unless Size 8 and DJ Mo address these two issues, infidelity will become a part of their marriage

Image: Celebrity power couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ Mo and Size 8 have agreed to attempt to salvage their marriage following allegations that were proven true that he was an adulterer who was caught up in a long term clandestine relationship. The other lady I would argue was nothing much worth risking his marriage for but perhaps it wasn’t about her looks but rather her bedroom bully antics.

Whatever the case may be, I personally wish them success on this new journey they have embarked on in their marriage but in truth, they have two major hurdles that must be addressed for them to find success at salvaging the marriage.

DJ Mo's wife and his side chic
DJ Mo’s wife Size 8 and his side chic

For starters, we will focus on Size 8’s issues because they are the hardest to fix and will definitely be a major reason as to why DJ Mo chose to stray and that is getting her body in shape. If you think about it, DJ Mo is clearly not aroused by his wife anymore. Gone are the days when she was a lithe and nubile young girl. Gone are the days when her physique was the stuff that fuelled many a young man’s desire.

Understandably, Size 8’s body has changed. She is a mother of two of her husband, DJ Mo’s children. Childbirth changes a woman’s body and evolutionary biology mitigated this by giving husbands something we will colloquially call “husband goggles”. Women meet men, get married and have children (ideally) and when that happens, men begin to view their wives differently;y from how other men do. It helps in pair-bonding long enough for them to raise children together.

Samuel Muraya aka DJ Mo

However, as Size 8 found out with DJ Mo, there is a limit for this. And the truth is, regardless of what mouth feminists yell at the top of their lungs, men are visual creatures so it is incumbent upon wives to maintain their husband’s attraction. Actually, to be fair, that is something both parties should strive to do. Size 8 needs to hit the gym. She needs to get her body banging. DJ Mo is not exactly a physical specimen but he has the fact that he is tall and lanky going for him. Size 8 needs to step up her sexual marketplace value inorder to safeguard her marriage.

With DJ Mo, he needs to address the fact that he has impulse control issues. Cheating, by and large, is a function of poor impulse control as the adulterer sees an opportunity to have sex with someone other than their partner and they risk their relationship, marriage, standing in society for a fling. Make no mistake about it, it is a sign of other deeper issues between the pair. DJ Mo chose to risk his marriage and even went on to speak disparagingly about Size 8’s sexual ability. And for him, the only solution I would suggest would be therapy because I doubt he has the patience to be introspective long enough to actually heal himself.

Dj Mo and Size 8
Reconciling couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

As you can see, the pair of them face an uphill task inorder to save their marriage but I doubt they will get the right advice. I would actually bet the house on DJ Mo being advised to be more discreet and not a complete knobhead and Size 8 being advised that she is “beautifully and wonderfully made” which will only serve to make infidelity the norm for them as is the case with many Kenyan couples.


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