Vanessa Chettle shocks many as she hits the club 2 weeks after giving birth

Vanessa Chettle welcomed her baby girl two weeks go but this will not be reason she stops herself from partying.

This past weekend she gave fans a reason to talk after posting a few photos of herself partying at a new club.

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As expected most of the comments were shared to criticize her as most people could not believe that she had left her baby alone already.

Well, it’s understandable since it’s been barely a month and her body is still healing but this is not something that bothers the young socialite.

Vanessa Chettle’s body snaps back!

Despite the comments, one can’t help but notice how quick her body snapped back in it’s former figure.

Looking at her one can’t be able to tell that she was carrying a 3.1Kg baby.

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