Vera exclaims about her daughter Asia’s genius and provides two fantastic instances.

Since returning from her trip to Los Angeles, USA, Vera Sidika, the well-known socialite, has been cherishing moments with her children.

The mother of two has been openly sharing some of their family time with her online followers. Just last week, she hosted a delightful party to celebrate her son Prince Ice’s first birthday.

On Wednesday, March 20, Vera took to Instagram to inform her followers that she was taking her children to the doctor’s office.

“My girl is a doctor in the making,” Vera proudly announced. This declaration excited one of her fans, who claimed to be a doctor as well.

“As a doctor, all I can say is her future is bright!! OMG, she’s so brilliant and adorable,” the individual enthusiastically informed Vera.

Other fans also chimed in, expressing their belief that Asia also possesses the qualities to become a doctor.

“Asia is incredibly bright, she knows exactly where the stethoscope should go – in the ears and on the patient’s chest,” they exclaimed.

Vera, filled with pride, revealed that Asia’s intelligence extends beyond just medical knowledge.

“Asia is exceptionally bright, no doubt about it. I rarely post about her, but if I were to share her daily life, you’d be amazed. There’s nothing she doesn’t know, she can even cook chapo step by step, she’s practically a young adult. I think it’s time for her to start school soon,” Vera shared.

In the background of the video, her son Prince Ice could be seen playing with toys.

Vera couldn’t help but express her joy, and a fan captured a screenshot of her enjoying motherhood, commenting on how radiant she appeared.

“I’ve always admired Vera, but seeing her as a mother makes me admire her even more. OMG Vera, you literally planned, manifested, and prayed for your beautiful, smart, and happy babies right before our eyes, and God granted you exactly that,” one fan expressed.

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