Vera Sidika has disclosed that she earned her first million at the age of 19

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika recently shared that she made her first million shillings at the age of 19. During an Instagram Q&A session, the 34-year-old responded to a fan’s question about her first million by simply stating her age at the time.


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In the same session, Vera also revealed that her hips measure 60 inches. She confirmed that she is currently in Nigeria and in a relationship with a Nigerian man, sharing a message that read, “Good morning to the love of my life. The rest of the world can greet themselves. Lagos.”

Just a few days earlier, Vera had stunned many by throwing a lavish party to celebrate her divorce from last September. She shared photos and videos of the event on Instagram, declaring marriage to be the biggest scam ever.


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Vera had been married to musician Brown Mauzo for three years, and they have two children together. In her posts, she announced her intention to celebrate her divorce in style, highlighting her newfound freedom.

In a recent interview, Vera expressed her happiness at not being pregnant or married as summer approaches, allowing her more time to enjoy life. While she is in a relationship with a Nigerian man, she noted that it is not very committed, and she prefers to keep things light and fun. Vera also mentioned that if she decides to have another child, it won’t be for at least seven years.

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