Vera Sidika picking beef with Amber Ray over baby shower is just juvenile

Word has it that Vera Sidika and her fans have been picking on Amber Ray who also for some reason decided to throw her baby shower at the same venue as Vera Sidika.

However difference is that Vera Sidika’s baby shower went down a couple of months ago – and as far as rumors go is that she also already gave birth a few weeks back – but being a cast member of ROHN she can’t share somethings before they finally air on the reality show.

Anyway – with that said – Amber Ray also happened to throw her baby shower a day after Vera Sidika released a video from her private event – which had confirmed she was expecting a baby boy.

However having done the event weeks ago – Vera Sidika for some reason decided to overshadow Amber Ray who had choosen to have her baby shower at the same venue….by creating buzz around an event that took place weeks ago – yet had kept it on the low until rumor had it that Amber Ray’s event was to go down on Saturday, 11th March.

Showbiz with a twist of Jealousy

Well, call it showbiz or whatever you wish – but honestly women are their worst enemies. I say this confidently judging by how Vera Sidika acted after learning about Amber Ray’s baby shower.

I mean – how else would you explain that Vera Sidika is just releasing photos and footage from her baby shower from weeks ago (not forgetting that she also already gave birth) a day to Amber Ray’s baby shower? It’s obvious that there is more to it hence the sudden beef Vera Sidika eants to pick with Amver Ray now that Huddah isn’t showing any signs of having kids anytime soon.

Anyway whether Amber Ray copied the baby shower theme or not – believe me, Vera Sidika is the bully sparking the whole beef drama.

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