Vera Sidika Responds To Gen Z’s Claiming She Should Retire Because Of Her Age

Veteran Kenyan celebrity Vera Sidika recently took to social media to address a fan’s suggestion that older stars should retire to make way for the next generation.

The comment, which read

“These aging celebrities should rest now, next gen,” sparked a fiery response from Sidika.

She challenged the notion that established stars should simply step aside, stating,

“Why do people think others rested so we could get space in the industry? Nobody will leave space for anybody. You push your way in.”

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Sidika went on to express frustration with what she perceives as a Gen Z entitlement, saying, “Gen Z always complaining claiming ‘they’re too old now they need to rest’ Rest for who? Should we turn down deals and money cause of Gen Z?”

Emphasizing the importance of hard work, Sidika declared, “There’s enough money for everyone. Nobody stopping anyone from making it. Instead of working, y’all wanna sit and wait for people to create spaces for you to catwalk in stress free.”

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Her message underscored the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, stating,

“These streets ain’t for the weak. It’s hard work that separates people and nobody should ever need to rest to accommodate anyone.”

Sidika concluded with a call to action for aspiring stars:

“Y’all get up lazy and work. Success waits for nobody. Stop this narrative.”

Vera is known for her stance when it comes to online criticism. Do you think she should give Gen Z’s a chance and retire?

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