Victoria Kimani: When music no longer brings you the renown you crave, thirst traps will

Image: Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani is back on our radar but not for her music (whuddathunkit?) so we are not going to really be talking about her music but rather about the fact that she is doing everything else except releasing music to get her headlines.

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You see, Victoria Kimani is one of the talented women who hasn’t seemed to click with any audience. This is largely her fault as she never had any songs that either celebrated the fact that she was a Kenyan speaking on Kenyan realities. She also lost a lot of Kenyan fans when she decided to stake her success on working with and pushing for the Nigerian market.

Victoria Kimani
Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

The problem with that approach is the fact that Nigerians do not really support anyone other than their own. They are famously closed off to any external influence and though they will embrace an outside artist, it doesn’t translate in album sales, concert performances nor endorsement deals.

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So Victoria Kimani was left abandoned in limbo once her MMMG contract was up. She is still churning songs once in a while and even has a clothing line that she has launched but that isn’t what usually gets her featured in our collective psyche, it is usually down to her complaining and belly-aching about something and her posting thirst traps which seems to get her more mileage on blogs and social media tabloids.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani in a bikini

That is currently the case after she posted a photo of herself in some swimwear to promote braids of all things:


And perhaps this is where the key to her resurgence might just lie. Perhaps she should put out music that is marketed in envelope pushing ways. Or perhaps her music should feature her scantily clad more often than not. Afterall, that has worked for Gengeton artists.

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Or maybe she should go all in and invest in branding herself as a femme fatale. This might spark a lot of interest in her music but at the end of the day, it is her body, her brand and her image so the final decision of what to do is hers alone to make. All I would ask is that if she decides to goo this route, then she really should commit to it and go all out. No half-assing her way through this measure.

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