Vivian Opens Up About Failed Marriage With Her Ex-Hubby Sam West

Image: Sam West and wife, Vivian

In a recent interview on Iko Nini, Kenyan musician Vivian shared the inside story of her failed marriage to businessman and content creator Sam West. She candidly expressed her reservations about their whirlwind romance, emphasizing the importance of being on the same page before tying the knot.

Vivian began by acknowledging that she wasn’t prepared for marriage when she first started dating Sam. She felt that there were vital aspects they needed to explore and understand about each other before taking that big step.

“I had told him about it because a friend had hinted to me, but I felt that there were things we needed to still do together and know each other. You need to be on the same page. I felt like there were so many things that we had not discussed…” she said.

Vivian’s story is a reminder that it’s important to take your time and get to know your partner before getting married. It’s also important to be on the same page about your goals and expectations for the marriage. Otherwise, it can be difficult to build a strong and lasting relationship.

If you’re considering marriage, it’s important to have honest conversations with your partner about your values, beliefs, and plans for the future. It’s also important to seek premarital counseling to help you prepare for the challenges and rewards of married life.

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