Wakadinali call out societal vices in new single ‘Mihadarati’ (Video)

Image: Wakadinali

Wakadinali is back with a new jam and  it’s a big tune. The group that is made up of Domani Munga, Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa have nailed it in their latest release dubbed Mihadarati.

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As you can already tell, maybe you can’t, this track is about drug abuse and the effects that it has on the society – the different societal vices that it leads to such as crime, rape, road accidents and what have you.


This jam is like Stivo Simple Boy’s Mihadarati because they talk about the same subject which is drug and substance abuse and its effects on those who take/consume them.

This track is really dope. Other than the powerful message that it carries, I know after listening to it you’ll agree with me that it also packs a lot of creativity.

For instance, the hook by Domani Munga is totally dope and so is his verse. It’s the kind of verses that will have your hand stuck on the replay button for a very long time. No kidding.


It was good to see Sewersydaa back on this jam. I had kind of missed seeing him on Wakadinali’s songs and he killed his verse to as you would expect. Other than the impeccable flow, he also has great punchlines.

You know after listening to the sick verses on this jam, I fail to understand why Wakadinali is so underrated because they have some mad talent. Anyway, that is a story for another day, isn’t it?

The beat on Mihadarati is so sick. I don’t know what word I can use to describe it best but it works. To add to that, it blends well with the flow of the artists.

The other thing that I loved is of course the video. It’s such a unique concept where the rappers are having mugshots as they rap. I don’t know but you should really watch it.

Watch Mihadarati below and tell us what you think. Kudos to Wakadinali.


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