‘Wameachana?’-Amber Ray And Her New Boyfriend Unfollow Each Other On Instagram, Delete Each Other’s Photos (Screenshot)

Socialite Amber Ray has yet again hinted on trouble in paradise with her newly found love Kennedy Rapudo after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram. The voluptuous socialite is known to replace men without ever feeling a flinch. And we won’t be surprised if she has broken up with this dude.

But the two have barely lasted a month after making their relationship public. Amber made the first move to introduce him as her new love via her Instagram, where she gushed over him and admonished ladies to choose wisely.

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“Who you are experiencing life with in this moment is more critical now more than ever. With so much happening around and directly to us, choose your love, your friends, your safe spaces from those who can give you the tenderness and nudging that you deserve and need”


Despite her sentiments, it looks like she always makes the wrong decision, or her lovers are to blame?

Adding salt to the injury, Amber Ray has deleted photos of herself and Rapudo, where she had gushed over him. There’s evidently something wrong between the two, but seems like they’re not ready to talk about it.

For now, all we know is Amber is always ready to move on after separation. And it won’t be long before she introduces her next man. This time, prophets of mtaachana tu might have won yet again.


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