“It wasn’t me” Yvonne Okwara distances herself from viral post that tormented ladies rocking flesh-baring outfit

KTN anchor Yvonne Okwara caused tongues to wag when a post on social media emerged a few days ago. The post was a wise advice to ladies rocking flesh-baring outfit.

Many people were taken aback when the usually reserved Yvonne Okwara all of a sudden decided to give ladies a piece of her mind.

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Yvonne Okwara

It has now turned out that viral post on Facebook wasn’t Yvonne Okwara’s, apparently the Facebook account was a parody. Yvonne cautioned Kenyans someone was impersonating her on Facebook.

The Facebook account has since been deactivated, but not before the impostor gave advice to men. Read the advice below:

“If you are a single man, you are in your late 20’s- early 30’s and don’t have at least USD 5,000 in your savings account or in any investment asset, then this period in your life is NOT the period to be going to the club, making it rain, popping the bottles, getting turned up or spending your salary taking side-chics to KFC for lunch. This is the period in your life when you should be increasing your income, protecting your savings and laying the foundation for a strong financial destiny for your upcoming wife and kids.

“You may object that you want to enjoy your life today, but 10 years from now your wife and kids should not have to suffer due to your failure to think longterm today. 10 years from now, the accumulative amount of money you spend monthly on popping bottles and women will have been enough to pay for your 5 year old kid’s school fees at a good Junior School. Think Longterm.”


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