“We koma mali yangu” Amber Lulu sends dire warning to Noti Flow

Amber Lulu and Noti Flow want to tear each other apart because of Prezzo. The Tanzanian socialite has warned Noti Flow to keep off her sweetheart.

Prezzo is spoiled for choice as the two socialites are determined to win him over. A fortnight ago Noti Flow threw major shade at Amber Lulu.

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” Noti Flow said.

Keep off Prezzo

Amber Lulu has since hit back at her Kenyan rival. The Tanzanian socialite shared a photo of Prezzo and captioned it with a warning directed at Noti Flow.

“We koma mali hii ya amber lulu. Baba mwenye nyumnba kasema,” wrote Amber Lulu.


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