We need men in this space: KRG da Don is a bitter simp

KRG da Don is still whining and complaining about his ex, Linah Wanjiru even months after their split after she allegedly cheated on him and has since then been linked to different men and this is a true testament of just how weak of a man he is.

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I get it, a lot of you will point to the fact that he is a supposedly wealthy man which is great but ultimately, he is bad at being a man, let alone a strong man. And this is often exemplified by the fact that he rarely if ever seems to have himself as his own focal point.

What do I mean? Well, to explain why KRG is bad at being a man, you first need to understand what classical masculinity is. What I mean by this is not the romanticized Hollywood version of men who are in touch with their feminine feelings and think wearing makeup is okay.

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Here we are going to look at traits such as strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. And I am going to show you examples of just how the upcoming singer (which seems like an eternal title at this point) has failed at espousing them.

For starters, we can start with strength. This is going to be the simple aspect of physicality . And KRG is a string bean. He is not imposing and this in and of itself is a trait that leads to men being perceived as leaders. Why do you think none of the men he would mock and threaten who were linked to his ex ever took him seriously? At worst they figured they’d just swat him away.

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This takes us to yet another trait that he lacks. He has failed to provide leadership for his family. When he and Linah parted ways, rather than set the pace and tone of how they will be relating as co-parents, he went off into a spiral. This was not a man who was focused on what came next for his children and their relationship with their mother, he was more concerned with attacking random strangers than ensuring his children were protected from everything that was unfolding.

How about independence? He is entirely dependent on his ex wife’s situation for him to derive any sort of affirmation or pleasure. think about it, why else is KRG always looking over his shoulder to see what is going on in her life? If he were truly his own source of happiness, he would not be bothered with what she’s up to. If he is living his best life, he would not derive validation from what his friends and family say about his ex, And yet he was online mocking her photos.

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The trait that he definitely doesn’t exemplify is stoicism. He doesn’t know how to reign in his emotions. KRG is one emotional man, constantly going online to shop for sympathy, crying and telling us how he is over his ex while constantly bringing her up.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Kenyan celebs aren’t masculine and there is rarely ever anything to look up to from them when you can see beyond the image they sell.

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