We need to celebrate Andrew Kibe while he’s alive

Image: Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

We need to give Andrew Kibe his flowers while he still alive because let’s face it, he’s one of the few Kenyan celebrities who is trying to teach men how to be masculine in an age when masculinity is being attacked left right and centre.

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He is also the only thought-provocateur who is not afraid to call out political shenanigans when he sees it on either side of the divide by 8 when he called out the deputy president Riggy G or when he called out Ababu Namwamba for giving as we add an official post yet her only true accomplishments at the fact that she became popular during the pandemic for whining her waist.

Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

The thing about him is that most of his detractors claim that Andrew Kibe’s delivery is the problem and that is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Is a statement usually made by useless weak men and the feminist whom he routinely calls out.

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It probably also bothers them that the man who by his own admission has gone through most of his life failing at most of his endeavors by their relationships or business or employment is currently the only man who is speaking openly and honestly and appealing to a large audience of Kenyans.

I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies – Andrew Kibe confesses

Because he is beholden to no one as there is no corporate entity that pays him for adverts he can speak freely and this has endeared him to a large base of rudderless Kenyan men who have been seeking out a father figure. And what is surprising is that he is increasingly beginning to appeal to a large audience of women who can see the truth in what Andrew Kibe says.

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This is largely why I believe we need to be celebrating the man. and win while he is here and alive and able to smell the bouquet that we send his way. The effect of his efforts on the Kenyan Zeitgeist can already be seen as more and more men are standing up and attempting to teach younger men how to be successful men but unfortunately, this has come with an entire bunch of Charlatans and idiots who even went as far as to host a Men’s Conference at a popular restaurant yet these men and the type of man you would want your son or brothers looking up to.

Celebrated radio personality, Andrew Kibe

We need more men like Andrew Kibe and Amerix in Kenya but sadly we are getting more and more of these common type of rats who are trying to infiltrate the movement so we must remain vigilant.

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