We were right about GK Nyambura

GK Nyambura is back on our radar after she went out and got involved in a rather pointless fight with other revellers and at this point, we really do think her friends need to help her calm down and take stock of what she is currently doing with her life.

You see, it is one thing to go harass your ex-boyfriend and then start giving toxic advice on social media but it is quite another for you to decide to start brawling in the streets of Westlands because this is now something that directly endangers your life.

GK Nyambura

And I have to wonder whether or not GK Nyambura has any real friends because they need to stage an intervention to find out why she is always attracting drama to her person. This is not a good way to lead your life but what can you tell us Gen Z kids?

But let us also try and figure out why she is such a divisive and cantankerous spirit: and it all starts with her rather ill-advised attack on her former boyfriend. This was the first time we realised she is not exactly shall we say… Complete between her ears.

She had used social media and Edgar Obare to attack Omoke. When that didn’t work, she ended up at his house at 4 Am to start trying to vandalise his house. That didn’t work but because she faced no consequences, she has become even more brazen with her nonsense.

GK Nyambura is proof we do not hold women accountable

However, she is now playing a dangerous game. I understand that she had lost her phone and that really sucks but this is the point at which we have to ask whether she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the people who had stolen her phone were the same people she and her friends wound up fighting. If not then GK Nyambura dragged unrelated patrons of the club into meaningless fisticuffs.

And what would have happened if someone had received life-threatening injuries? One of the worst things you can do when you go out is attempt to fight because all it takes is one punch for things to go all the way left. But I guess we aren’t here for that cup of tea. So let ignorance and toxicity continue to reign supreme.

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