‘We’re Still In Touch With My Baby Daddy’- Amber Ray (Video)

Amber Ray (Faith Makau) is one of the most sought after Kenyan female celebrities. And most Kenyan men are salivating to have a piece of her, despite her being a mother of one son. The flamboyant socialite has been on several relationships over the years, but the most toxic one was with his baby daddy; whose identity has been under the wraps for the longest time.

Amber Ray is one of those celebrities who don’t like getting themselves on interviews to talk about their private life. But Oga Obinna has managed to get her to do an interview; where she disclosed heart-wrenching details where she was brutally assaulted by her ex-hubby; who doubles up as his baby daddy.

Amber divulged that they used to live in peace with his baby daddy until the arrival of their first born son Gavin; when everything went haywire.

”We were both hustlers. After I got the baby he got a job, a serious. And then from there, he started cheating ile kabisa…”

Amber Ray then continued to state how she was brutally beaten by her baby daddy often when he came home drunk. She later had enough of it and opted to go back home.

Despite the brutality, she purported that they were actually known in their neighbourhood to be the best lovers before their fallout. Amber has now maintained that she’s still in touch with the guy; mostly her son; who is still in contact with him.

Watch Amber Ray’s full interview video below;

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