Weuh! Inside Stivo Simple boy’s bedsitter before fame & new money

Stivo Simple Boy never had it easy while growing up and things actually got worse for him after coming to the city – hoping to better his future and that of the next generation.

However the city life wasn’t as easy as he thought. That’s because getting a job needs connections which he didn’t have hence forcing him to look for alternatives just to survive.

Stivo simple boy

Im guessing this is how he ended up venturing into music and after his Mihadarati hitsong, Stivo finally got his breakthrough. Just to show how far he has come – the freshi baridi hitmaker recently shared a video showing his bedsitter to the world – and honestly – Stivo is slowly making progress.

Speaking about this particular bedsitter, the singer wrote;

Maisha yangu kayole before mambo ikue freshi barida… Before nihame… Nashukuru Sana wakenya kwa kunisapoti Sana maisha imeanza kubadika mzidi kunisapoti mungu awabariki Sana…

Pritty Vishy’s efforts in improving Stivo’s life

This new developments come months after Stivo’s ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy exposed his previous management for using Stivo’s money to enrich themselves.

The young lady who has been making headlines ever since Stivo dumped her once came out guns blazing as she accused his management of theft and negligence saying;

Last year December alihamishwa akapelewa kwa bedsitter na the management akapelekwa Kayole from Kibera. Unajua kulikuwa nakesi zilikuwa zimetokea fans wake wakiuliza mbona Stivo siple boy life yake haijachange ata after akuwe celebrity. Hiyo place anaishi haiku sawa but wake atasema to iko poa juu hakuna kitu anaweza fanya ama kusema,


Hiyo management ilikuwa inataka akae place hakuna mtu namcorrupt na kumwambia that hii si poa. Yeye anabelive place you iko comfortable akisema that that watu huanza from somewhere na anaona vile alitoka kibera akaenda kayole amemake a big step.

But now that he is under mib Africa management – life imekuwa freshi baridi.

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