What next for Andrew Kibe following his exit from Kiss100?

Image: Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe and his former co-host, Kamene Goro, aswell as their show’s producer, Xtian Dela were poached from NRG Radio by Kiss100. When that happened, the move resulted in a court case and they were welcomed to their new Lion Place offices with a lot of turmoil -perhaps marking the atmosphere of their stay at Kiss100.

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Xtian Dela was the first to leave and he has been followed by Andrew Kibe which leaves Kamene Goro all alone to deal with her new co-host, Jalang’o.

andrew kibe and kamene goro

And true to form, Twitter’s busy body rumour mongers have been scoffing at Andrew Kibe, chiding him to go back to talking shop about male issues from the rooftops. And the fools that have been chiding him have doubtless gotten their seven giggles in.

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But that is actually a brilliant suggestion. Think about it, with Covid-19, Kenyans have truly made the shift to and embraced digital media. From WhatsApp to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Kenyans have been consuming Kenyan content with an insatiable appetite.

andrew kibe

All Andrew Kibe needs to do is for him to actually begin to make an impact is for him to focus and dedicate himself to actually producing content on a regular basis. He could very well become Kenya and Africa’s Joe Rogan. He, after all, has the charm and charisma.
And the best thing about the internet is that Andrew Kibe wouldn’t have to censor himself. He wouldn’t have to run things by any supervisor and he can refine his audience targeting and actually begin to make money even from advertising.

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Another thing that is possible for Andrew Kibe to do is for him to shop his talents around. If you ask me, this is the less enticing possibility but it would assure him a steady income at the soonest possible opportunity. he could very easily get a gig on either radio or TV and perhaps get to craft a show around his content. And given that he would be alone, he could very well drive the show with his charisma but he would be required to tone down his content.

andrew kibe

Whatever the future holds for Kibe, he has become a household name so the only limiting factor in all this would be his imagination.

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