Why DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda vasectomy made headlines

DJ Moz came out to show solidarity to his fellow celebrity, Nick Ndeda by also revealing that he had a vasectomy done and it has captured the attention of many a Kenyan man and woman.

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You see, word about Nick Ndeda’s failed 7-year relationship went round and was met with the additional information that he had undergone a vasectomy. Given his pathetic co-dependent body language in the break-up video, we all made the assumption that he had undergone the procedure for him -well, that and the fact that in a previous video he actually said that he did so to protect his wife from the pains and tribulations of childbirth.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda got a vasectomy

DJ Moz seems to be the only Kenyan man who did not laugh and mock Bwana Ndeda and now we know why.

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But why does this procedure capture the attention of every man in the nation? I would wager it has something to do with the fact that it is the younger cousin of castration and the fact that two celebs, Nick Ndeda and DJ Moz actually chose this option instead of using condoms or practising coitus interrupts…

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda and his common law wife Muthoni

And while shocking, it is understandable that DJ Moz would opt for the final solution to birth control as he already has children. With Bwana Ndeda’s case, everything is different and it screams in the face of what Africans believe about children.

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You see, we are still a shithole continent. That means that anything from famine to disease could actually wipe out a family of 5. Or maybe if you’re urban then we should be discussing crime or road accidents.

DJ Moz and Dj soxxy
DJ Moz and Dj soxxy

And this is just one of the reasons why people are in awe about the decision DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda would opt for such a final birth control method. Add to this the African understanding that children are a form of social welfare in a country where old people have few options in way of social security.

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Also, there is the familial pressure that often becomes worse with each passing year that goes by and there are no children in site or even on the horizon. How does Nick Ndeda deal with it? These are just a few questions we always have at the back of our minds when we hear that a man with no children has oted for a vasectomy.

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