Why Eric Omondi keeps us guessing about his sexuality

Eric Omondi is a smart man. I know by now maybe you dont agree with me on that statement but truth is – Eric Omondi’s PR team is working overtime and whether you like it or not – this comedian will keep you saying his name every now and then – and look youre already doing it.

Anyway – despite having a girlfriend who recently suffered a miscarriage people out here have been asking alot of questions regarding his sexuality….like is he straight or gay man.

Well we can’t really blame them for feeling this way judging from the huge number of gay married men living with their wives (yes women) out here. Yes you read it correct, gay married men living with their wives….!

Which is which?

So yea, with Eric Omondi pulling transgender stunts online – you can’t help but wonder what category he falls under the LGBTQ community or wait….any other community because – is he straight or not…..and if straight – is there anything like a straight cross dresser?

Well that being a question he alone can answer, i guess what we can now do is accept and embrace the diva he is exploring for now. But again….this is something making him good money.

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