Why everyone is blaming Jalang’o for societal truths

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In the empire of lies, truth is treason. That is what Jalang’o and his FBoys club have just realized for themselves. Jalang’o aka Jalas, aka Heavy J found himself trending after the communication in his WhatsApp group was leaked on social media. In the screenshots, it could be seen that he and his boys were gloating over the fact that they were sleeping with countless women and spending obscene money to do so and when they did manage to finally bed their quarry, she would be swiftly passed on to the next gentleman.

“We will not defend ourselves” Jalang’o confirms viral screenshot chats from ‘The boys club’ are true

This ofcourse earned the ire of male feminists, virtue signallers and feminists. People who are all too eager to don a cape and save a heaux because at the heart of the matter that is what this is about prostitution.  But why is Jalang’o being crucified for engaging in consensual coitus and later paying for the service? Well, the issue has a lot to do with the pedestalization of women.

Kenyan comedian, Jalang’o

You see, society has pedestalized women and put them in a position that no mere mortal should aspire to. And to protect this image of women, we demonize men as the cause of all their suffering and when women make short-sighted decisions that result in some public and heavy consequences, they move on to blame men.

“A female fan alleged she was my PA, got keys to my hotel room and hid under the bed” Jalang’o recounts

Jalang’o did nothing wrong to anyone outside of his wife. And that is working under the assumption that he did something wrong to begin with. Jalang’o didn’t force himself onto anyone. He simply extended an invitation to the women who accepted. He informed them of the terms and conditions, which were accepted.

jalang'o posing

Because we put young, beautiful women up on a pedestal, we refuse to accept that they would ever willingly involve themselves in such seedy affairs. Jalang’o and his FBoys Club become a lightning rod for our ire because he offers us the low hanging fruit that is a quick scapegoat.
And the situation has become so bad that even celebrities are weighing in on the matter and laying blame for the state of everything including the GoK’s response to Covid19 on Jalas.

Ted Josiah on Jalang'o

And it is because we have pedestalized women that when a situation like these arise, we place the blame squarely at the feet on men. And this in and of itself is what feminism was created to fight against yet it is what Feminazi’s push for. You see, if you claim that Jalang’o violated these women, you relegate their decision making and autonomy, in effect making them no more than little children.

Jalang´o finally responds to getting fired and wife fleeing from home

How do you like them cakes? by defending the pedestalized women, you have now become what feminists hate the most, part of the big bad patriarchy.


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