Why I do not sympathize with Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany

Bensoul impregnated a woman called Tiffany Muikamba who was for all intents and purposes a side chick. She might not have known that he was dating someone else seriously at the start of their fling but I am sure when she did some research on who she was sleeping with, she found out about his longtime girl, Noni Gathoni.

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She didn’t care about all that as she saw it as his business. That was not where the problem lay, instead, it was at the point she decided that having his baby was a great idea. They weren’t married, if anything, they were just having coitus but she saw her chance to land a high-value guy and she took it. Pity she couldn’t stick the landing.

And now, she is crying and complaining about the fact that she does not have that same man by her side as she goes through this journey of pregnancy. She recently had a live QnA session on her Instagram account and one of the questions asked to her was whether Bensoul would be present in the delivery room and she revealed that she didn’t think so as he had broken every promise he had made to her.

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Cue the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest acoustic song. Sigh. This is a not-so-bright young lady. You should never carry for a man unless he has married you. I like that statement I picked up from my mentor. Moving right along, we have to wonder why she thought Bensoul would uphold any promises he made to her.

That is the prize she won herself when she decided to become Bensoul’s mistress. Them’s the breaks. Actions have consequences and her choosing to baby trap a man who is in a very public relationship will forever have her labelled as such, a single mother -and that will come with everything that pertains to her being exactly that including not receiving support from Bensoul.

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Is it fair? Damned if I know. But that is what is going to happen. Why? She will forever be the groupie who was nice enough for a romp but not worth leaving Noni Gathoni for. But who knows, maybe after that relationship runs its course, Tiffany and Bensoul can finally become a couple. And perhaps it is at that point that she will finally have a man whose hand she can hold as he leads her through life.

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