Why Karen Nyamu is desperate for a husband

Image: Karen Nyamu parades bump

Karen Nyamu recently revealed that she has taken to dressing alot more modestly because she is trying to attract a husband and that is one of the most hilarious things I have heard the lawyer cum politician say since she came to the limelight.

Karen Nyamu reveals she has been dressing decently to attract potential husband

“Today I have wrapped up myself top to bottom to try find someone to pay my dowry, si nikujipanga (plan yourself)”

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

And while this might have been a joke, one thing that is universally known about humour is that there is always more than just a kernel of truth in it. And this is the case today.

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We know this because while she was with Samidoh, she was eager for the country to know her as his second wife and she even introduced him to her parents. However, Karen Nyamu and his relationship was short-lived and ultimately devolved into violence when he accused her of cheating on him and she shared photos and videos of the aftermath of his attack on her.

It was all a mess. First, we saw her struggle for legitimacy from Samidoh’s audience and her fans despite the fact that he was already married to Edday Nderitu. When that wasn’t forthcoming, she started attacking his wife on social media and they traded insults and finally, the situation I described above.

Samidoh confesses he is lonely, wants Karen Nyamu back (Video)

One thing that is clear for all to see is that this is not the type of woman you want to make a wife of. Karen Nyamu is not wife material. Not by a longshot. But there is a coincidence of wants here. With weak-minded men like the Mugithi singer slash police officer, who would want to be with an attractive woman like her. But she needs a marriage for two reasons, the first is that she is a woman of a certain reputation and renown which is not positive. And secondly, she is a politician and this is something that will be used against her.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Karen Nyamu isn’t stupid, far from it. She is aware that her reputation is one of a homewrecker. She is known by all women countrywide as being the source of agony for a wife, a mother and ultimately, one of them. And she desperately needs to shake that reputation. The only way she can do this is to find a simp who would be willing to wife her up and baptise her from the reputation of being what her actions against Edday Nderitu paint her as.

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Then there is the political aspect of things. It’s bad enough that we already know her from the social lens of being a homewrecker. It’s so much worse to realise she is a woman who is supposed to appeal to a rather Christian conservative electorate who would want to understand why she cannot get herself a husband. What’s wrong with her?

Karen Nyamu

We even saw her political boss recently ask Azimio’s presidential running mate about her single life so this is something even her own allies aren’t above attacking that fact. So it really isn’t that she would be a good wife and be able to build with a man but rather that circumstances and ambitions are forcing her down the path of looking for a husband.

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