Why Maureen Waititu regrets attempting suicide days before son’s 4th birthday

Maureen Waititu has seen it all, both good and bad; but through it all her support system has always been available whenever she was broken.

Having been dumped by the father of her 2 boys was no joke, I mean, any woman in her shoes would tell you the same; but what matters is how one handles the break up.

Sadly for Ms Waititu things were not so easy. This is because she watched her long term boyfriend move on with Corazon Kwamboka barely even weeks after parting ways.

Maureen Waititu photoshoot with True Love Magazine

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We however cannot confirm who is telling the truth between the two; but as for now we get to focus on how Maureen and her suicidal attempts. Speaking through a new YouTube show alongside Milly chebby; the mother of two narrated how she tried taking her own life due to the heartbreak she was going through.

Regrets but thankful

When depressed suicidal thoughts become a norm and at that moment it’s easy to lose yourself hence making bad decisions. Despite trying to end her life twice, Maureen Waititu now says she is grateful and happy she never left her kids to suffer.

Without her by their side probably life would have been both rough and tough all because she was selfish. Speaking about her final and failed suicide attempt, the gorgeous lady said;

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 I remember the final attempt that gave me a wakeup call, I went and I bought kerosene and I wanted to torch my car up and when I left the gas station Shell, it rained. It was 12th October last year, eight days before my son’s fourth birthday

Of course heartbreaks are painful and devastating but through it all, Ms Waititu says she overcame this thanks to her kids. The lass went on to say;

My worst moment is when my heart was breaking. It’s real and people don’t understand that as a mum if you are not okay, your babies are not okay. And my first born son especially he saw me at my worst. This is September/October last year and I actually tried to take my life twice all because my heart was breaking.

Now that she has learnt the importance of not trusting people with her heart; her babies on the other hand continue giving a reason to keep going everyday.

I was so hurt and the person I expected to be there for me and understand my pain wasn’t there for me. My kids kept me going,”

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